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Bad Dates, Good Stories, Naked Truths (names have been changed to protect the guilty)

It’s Not Worth The Risk

So you last heard from me a week ago when I told you about my reckless rampage through North London in my temporary role as Mrs Friendly from Happy Land. I had a great time. I did not have a... Continue Reading →

My 24 Hour Rampage

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m only just returning to my normal state, although I am still pretty spaced out. I’m off work for another week and a half and I’m childfree for a few days and so those levels of... Continue Reading →

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

This week I got a desk and some pretty stationary. Different coloured pens and a nice note book have basically changed my life. I feel really motivated and organised and I’ve started properly working on the book. It feels good.... Continue Reading →

I’m Dun

OK, so this will be a very short blog compared to the usual because this interaction has literally only lasted for 8 hours and so there is no great lengthy history to discuss. I posted on my Insta story today... Continue Reading →

The Other Woman

I went to a white collar boxing match on Friday night to watch a friend fight, I love Boxing as a sport, my Dad used to Box and so I was brought up on it. It was a great night,... Continue Reading →


I’m feeling super feministic today, I’m not sure if that’s a word, but it is now. I want to shout from the roof tops about women's rights and how we need to take urgent action to address these cunting wankers... Continue Reading →

They Never Cease To Amaze Me

It's been over a week since I last posted a blog, my blogs are long and they take time, they are basically the chapters of my book. I’ll change some bits and order them differently, but you are pretty much... Continue Reading →

Those Summer Nights

It’s crazy hot here in London, if you live in London or have spent time here in the summer then you’ll know that London heat is different to heat in other places. We have a lot of smog and pollution... Continue Reading →

That Time When I Got My Mind Back (part 3)

  You should not start reading this blog until you have read Part 1 AND Part 2 first, you’d ruin the ending for yourself if you did. And yes, I can assure you that this is the end. I had declared the... Continue Reading →

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