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Layla  is a 35 year old single Mother of 1 who has decided to write an anonymous blog to share her experiences of dates, relationships, and situationships with fuckboys and wastemen in order to educate and empower other women and to help them to have a fuckboy free life. Fuckboys have been the bane of her life and sadly she has become somewhat of an expert in their behaviours and the red flags that she should have noticed at the time,  the little things that tell you in the early stages that this is a man to avoid. But she has finally learnt from her mistakes and she wants other people to learn without them having to make the same mistakes that she did.

Layla has qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Sexual Health, and Sociology and she has spent her career working in the public and voluntary sector helping people to work through, or leave, fucked up relationships, to change negative patterns of behaviour, and to develop self-love and good self-esteem. Layla was just never able to apply her own advice and expertise to her own life, up until now.

Layla shares her stories in an open, honest, raw, and often hilarious way. She takes you through the good, bad, and sometimes downright fucked up situations that she has found herself in but she reflects on those and offers ways of learning from them. Readers have commented on the range of emotions that the blogs evoke in them and women from across the world have been getting in touch to say how much they can relate and that the blogs have helped them to see where they have been going wrong and that they deserve more.

The blog runs alongside an Instagram page which is turning into a supportive community of women who are realising that they are not alone. So many females have had terrible experiences with men and have ended up feeling embarrassed and humiliated, the blog and the instagram are helping women to see that we have all been through the same shitty situations in one way or another and that we should not blame ourselves.

We are starting an anti-fuckboy army out here and we would love you to be a part of it, so come read the blogs and get involved with the Instagram page – together we are stronger x

Instagram: @lalalaletmeexplainblog

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