That Time When I Got My Mind Back (part 3)

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38 thoughts on “That Time When I Got My Mind Back (part 3)

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  1. I love this! I love that you have been able to transform such a negative situation into a positive and inspire other women. It’s so refreshing to read something so raw and relatable! Callum sounds like the biggest fuckboy I’ve ever heard of so hearing about your journey of self love post-fuckboy would also be great! Can’t wait for the book! Xxx

  2. Everything happens for a reason 😊 it was suppose to happen! & I’m glad it did not that I’m glad you was involved with a fuckboy but that you got something positive out of it and you started your blog! Before comming across your blog I couldn’t relate to anyone and felt quite isolated in my experiences! Can’t wait for the next one..keep up the good work!! Xx

  3. You remind me of myself! Gosh I’ve been with a Callum.

    I think I meet people that are different degree of him 🤔

    Love your blog and glad you got your love back for writing!

  4. Every girl knows a ‘Callum’ I both love him (for being your inspiration) and hate him (for ever making you doubt yourself)
    Layla, a truly remarkable read! I read all 3 one after the other and want to give you a hug!
    Parts of these blogs had me in stitches especially the waste man adoption part. Lots of it had me close to tears though as it brings back a few memories!
    We’ll done lovely x

  5. I can’t wait to witness your very first’re such a talented writer and it’s like I’m right there with you in every post. I really love how honest your words are. Forever a fan! X

  6. This was phenomenal, deffo one of my faves. My blood was boiling over this fuckboys actions omg, so relatable I felt like I was having a conversation with a close friend lool! Your change in attitude about the situation is beautiful and has really motivated me to strive for self love and happiness , as a 19 year old I feel like it’s so important to try and learn these things now and put them into practice for my future self!!! So thank you so so much for your words, I appreciate all your stories. Once again sending you nothing but happiness and positive vibes xxxx

    1. I’m so sorry that I did not reply to this amazing message!! I wish my 19 year old self could have read these! You have so much excitement ahead of you!! I’m so glad that you enjoy them. You are the reason that I write. Big love and positive vibes to you xx

  7. I had a very similar experience when my husband and I were separated. I was vulnerable and ended up sponsoring a waste man for a few months. He was the biggest liar I have ever dealt with. Everything from sketching instagram post with other women (supposedly an “old picture” of a recently deceased ex), suspicious gifts he recieved, dead broke but buying luxury items.His family was across the country so his whole social media was a lie, posting picture of rental cars as if it was his. I even moved the guy in, it was a nightmare getting him out of my house when I finally regained my senses. He even stole from me.
    Frankly I was a bit naive, I got married very early in life. Now I know that the worst time to get into a new relationship is right after a break up.

  8. This was worth the wait! I loved it, it made me feel so many emotions and as always so relatable never stop writing Callus was truly a blessing sometimes they come In the form of pain.🤗🤗🤗

  9. I cant get enough of your writing. The stories by themselves would make for a really interesting read but the self awareness you have and the way you reflect on and process everything that’s happened is amazing. I’ll be following everything you write from now on! Looking forward to that book. Good Luck! Xx

  10. crazy that we do this to ourselves because we’re scared of being alone. we hold ourselves to high standards with stuff but not with relationships and allow people’s words to be louder than their actions when it should be the other way around! 3 strikes and your out

  11. Literally just got out of one of the worst situations that I have ever been in. It has completely left me broken and destroyed, and the man had no remorse – in fact he sounded borderline sociopathic! Your blog post inspired me to write the timeline of my messed up ‘situationship’ and the red flags were right there from the FIRST conversation. Stupid me! Valuable albeit painful lesson learnt. Thanks for cheering me up with this post!

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