That Time When I Lost My Mind Part 2

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16 thoughts on “That Time When I Lost My Mind Part 2

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  1. Well….. what a manipulating cunt 😡😡😡😤😤😤 so sorry this fucktard put you through all of that, shall the #antifuckboyarmy pay him a visit? 😊

  2. Really great read. Been here before myself and understand how easy it is to fall into one of these toxic relationships. Glad you’re over him Xxx

  3. I literally feel like we may be the same person! You write fantastically-to the extent I can recall precisely the same anxiety you’re describing. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been through & making me realise that I’m not abnormal for the way I’ve felt-there are just too many fuckboys in the world! Keep doing what you’re doing-looking forward to the next instalment xx

  4. Yup 100% I can feel the things you are feeling you are so articulate, maybe all the practise with Callum 😂
    I would have been like “cute” with you sending that first message again, that shows that you were literally on opposite paths. I can be pure hacked off but an hour later I’m over it, people who harbour that anger seem to be quite often fuckboys with dark reasons for the fuckery.
    My ethos, let me fucking skip round with daisies in my hair under rainbows n anyone who tries to take away my hippy “I’m a bird” attitude is not for me!
    Another successful entry, I literally send my friends the link, we need a term for the girls who have been rinsed, depleated and milked for their entire worth AND more…. but who are in fuckboy recovery…. never to fall off the wagon again

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